Sunday, June 24, 2007

Metro Rapid 704

Metro is introducing Metro Rapid Line 704 today, which runs from Union Station to Santa Monica beach via Cesar Chavez Ave. and Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards. The new line supplants the old Line 304 limited service. For anyone heading from East Hollywood to the Westside, this is an excellent way to go, even better, a great way to get to the beach this summer.

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Lee Z said...

Hello Mr. Trinidad! Would you be able to give me some tips on getting from Union Station on to the Metro Rapid 704 bound for Santa Monica Blvd and Vine Street?

The metro planner says the Gold Line will get me to Union Station at 10:17 am and then I should take the 704 at 10:23 am. Yet Union Station looks a bit far from the northwest corner of Cesar Chavez Ave and Vignes Street to make it out of the station and over there in under six minutes.

Can I exit the Gold LIne closer to Cesar Chavez/Vignes than via the main terminal on Alameda? Pardon my ignorance -- I rode the Gold Line for the first time today (just within Pasadena) and I may be hooked.

Thanks for any help!