Monday, March 9, 2009

Transit Titos!

Growing up Filipino, a "tito" is your uncle, whether he's your parent's brother, cousin or longtime friend. Titos have long been a source of either wisdom, entertainment or humor (sometimes not intentionally). A typical Filipino party usually ends with a group of titos, bodies full of varying amounts of alcohol, singing into the Magic Mic Karaoke (with full echo engaged of course), singing Sinatra's "My Way."

So in my commute home after an overtime day of work, I get on the Red Line at Union Station and two Filipino guys, about the same age as my dad, maybe a little older, come on board, and ask the riders in the subway car to produce their "teeykets" and passes.

Now, I believe a Filipino can do anything, but someone donning a Sheriff's Dept vest on a subway train with the slight possibility one illegitimate rider might react in an unruly manner after being questioned, made me wonder. Certainly there could be a big, surly Filipino dude somewhere who can ask riders for proof of fare payment.

But if I was the only rider in the train amused by the fact that the validity of my subway ride was checked on by a pair of titos, then so be it.

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