Monday, August 3, 2009

'Community' Comes To LACC

On my way biking back home on Heliotrope after being interviewed today at City College Cafe by a Cal State LA Sociology student on community issues in East Hollywood, I passed by Los Angeles City College and saw the peculiar-looking sign pictured atop, which read, "GREENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE."

Being a Hollywood-area native, I knew what was up without even guessing. It was obviously a prop for a film shoot. But the odd thing was, there were no film crew trucks nor cameras anywhere in sight.

Just to be sure, I knocked on the "concrete" sign. Yup, sure enough, it gave me a hollow tone, which meant the thing was nothing more than wood and plaster, constructed by a prop house.

I did briefly confirm with a campus security guard, who told me, "We're still LA City College, don't believe the hype." I asked him what was the filming for and he said he thinks it's "Greendale Community College."

Sure enough, while walking past the TV this evening, I see a promo for an upcoming NBC sitcom called "Community." After a trusty Google search, I learn that the series premieres this Fall, and stars comedian Chevy Chase. And lo and behold, the synopsis mentions a "Greendale Community College." Eureka!

The NBC website also created a mock Greendale CC website for the school, meant for promoting the show. Hollywood comes to East Hollywood. So there it is - "Community's" Greendale Community College is LACC. At least they're filming something in my neighborhood besides "The Shield."


Los Angelista said...

Good to know it was fake because two people told me this afternoon they were changing the name to Greendale in order to sound less "urban". Whew!

Silent Android said...

Less urban? Hahaha, that'd be a smart move. "Yeah, we're trying to downplay the urban thing at LACC...We really don't need all that state education money, anyway." :)

Ab said...

I went to school today and saw that sign. I was confused. when i entered the school i saw this bulletin board in the middle which had a greendale community college sticker, i checked it out. i was about to think it's real until a security officer approached me and told me it was for a show. haha